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The Trematic project was born in 2022 with the aim of bringing back to life a brand that has left its mark in the golden age of watchmaking. The Maison, based in Genève, has crafted true masterpieces during the fifties and sixties: moon phases, triple calendars and other magnificent complications. It has taken part to prestigious cobranding operations with major brands both in the jewelry and timepieces field. Like many other Swiss houses it ceased its activities due to the quartz crisis in the eighties, but now a new path has begun.

History Book

The majority of the Trematic watches used to be powered with Felsa automatic movements. Felsa was a Grenchen (CH) based company born in 1918 that became part of the Ebauches SA in 1928. Today the brand Felsa is part of Swatch Group. These movements were the first, after the Rolex patent expired, to be powered by a bidirectional winding rotor, a great innovation for that time, now used on all the automatic movements around the world.

Our mission now a days is to create a timepiece that is reliable in its mechanics, balanced in its proportions, elegant in its forms, sustainable and refined in its materials. A watch that interprets the present while respecting both values and traditions of the past.


This is our motto. We create Swiss Made timepieces applying at the same time a simple but complex criteria: high level finishings and finest manufacturing at a fair price. Our idea of watchmaking is a timepiece recalling lines and shapes of the past, crafted with modern techniques. A watch that might fit on the wrist like vintage ones but that can last even longer.


Today the Trematic brand is in the ownership of Halcyon S.r.l.s. The company's sole will is to bring back the brand to the old glories of the past.