Welcome to the world of Trematic, where the elegance of Italian design meets the precision of Swiss workmanship. We rely on the great watchmaking tradition to be able to offer you a timepiece of high precision and quality, made in Switzerland with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. At the same time, we aim to make a watch that can stand out in personality and style, thanks to the creativity of our designers and attention to detail and to the environment.


The Trematic watch is conceived and designed with passion and creativity in Italy, where love for beauty and elegance have always been a hallmark of the craft industry. In order to assure you quality and excellence, our watches are made in Switzerland, the home of watchmaking, where reliability and precision are milestones.


We aspire to create a timepiece that is reliable in its mechanics, balanced in its proportions, elegant in its forms, sustainable and refined in its materials. A watch that interprets the present while respecting both values and traditions of the past.


Quality is the guiding criterion for creating durable and valuable products: it means using fine materials, adopting rigorous and reliable production processes, always putting customer satisfaction first.


Halcyon S.r.l.s. was founded in 2022 when its founder, for reasons of family affection that bind him to the same, decided to register and protect the Trematic brand, known mainly in the 1950s and 1960s and then abandoned, in order to give it a new life, while respecting the values and tradition of the past.