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ZY6 - Trematic

The ultimate dress watch

ZY6 is the watch that interprets the present recalling the elements of the past in a modern key. Textures, shapes, look and feel all in the right place. Manufactured with the finest techniques in order to perform through time.

newZY6 tortora 38 mmZY6 tortora 38 mm - Trematic
ZY6 tortora 38 mm Sale price€750,00
newZY6 sacramento 38 mmZY6 sacramento 38 mm
ZY6 sacramento 38 mm Sale price€750,00
newZY6 persiano 38 mmZY6 persiano 38 mm
ZY6 persiano 38 mm Sale price€750,00
newZY6 avorio 38 mmZY6 avorio 38 mm
ZY6 avorio 38 mm Sale price€750,00
newZY6 ossidiana 38 mmZY6 ossidiana 38 mm
ZY6 ossidiana 38 mm Sale price€750,00
newZY6 borgogna 38 mmZY6 borgogna 38 mm
ZY6 borgogna 38 mm Sale price€750,00
newZY6 antico 38 mmZY6 antico 38 mm
ZY6 antico 38 mm Sale price€750,00

With the new dress watch, we wanted to deliver to the world of enthusiasts a timepiece that recalls the styles and elements of the past. We aimed to do this by producing a watch that would pay homage to the brand's historical creations and generally echo the lines and proportions of the three hands watches of the times gone.The ZY6 is presented with seven two-tone dials, two of them in degradé, constructed in three layers, whose textures and colour pantones recall the golden age of watchmaking. The watch has a 38mm-diameter and 11mm-thick case, finely brushed with a polished finish on the bezel and sandblasted with polish embossed logo on the caseback.