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Technology and masterly manufacturing made possible to reach the texture, tenderness, and aesthetics of the real leather but using exclusively non animal materials. We have chosen to follow this path because every company now a days must do its part to respect the planet and its fauna; especially if nothing is lost in terms of quality due to the extreme high level these materials derived from fruit have accomplished.


We chose to use tungsten for the bezel of the first Trematic collection. This material is known for its formidable hardness, which ensures the aesthetic performance to be preserved intact over time, conferring an exceptional protection from scratches and shocks. In addition to providing strength and wear resistance, tungsten gives the bezel a unique luminosity. This material is, in fact, significantly shinier then steel, and its combination with the sophistication of the milled dial does not go unnoticed.


We believe the box is an integral part of the product, reason why we went for a top level quality one. Hand made Pine wood for the outer part and fine cushion and velvet for the inner part. For the watch to be protected and elegantly presented.