Respect the environment, choose the Apple Skin strap. Attention to sustainability is one of the pillars of our manufacturing philosophy: from the choice of materials to their processing, we constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of
our products.


The tungsten bezel is one of the distinguishing features of the first Trematic collection: ideal for automatic watches and diver watches in particular, this material is known for its formidable hardness, which allows the bezel's shine
and aesthetic performance to be preserved intact over time, ensuring exceptional protection from scratches and shocks.

In addition to providing strength and wear resistance, tungsten gives the bezel a unique luminosity. This material is, in fact, significantly shinier than steel, and its combination with the sophistication of the milled dial does not go


Thanks to a carefully designed attachment, moreover, the bracelet is perfectly integrated with the case, giving the watch an elegant and ergonomic line.